"Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right"


Bondage Fiction

Adrian Hunter


The master of S&M erotica,
Adrian Hunterís smooth and kinky
bondage stories explore both the
beauty and the beast of BDSM
through the eyes of its
(occasionally willing)


Adrian Hunter's award-winning
bondage books are populated
with unforgettable characters
and searing scenes that capture
the tension, the confusion and
the compulsion of men who
are driven to dominate,
and the women who submit
to their darkest desires.


Adrian Hunterís electrifying
BDSM fantasies push the envelope
of propriety, if not sanity, with
dazzling visions of a distant
world right next door, where
relentless sexual torment is
the prize, not the punishment.

In the 2014 Bondage Awards, Adrian Hunter
won first place for Best Bondage Story Site,
third place for Best Bondage Story,
fourth place for Best Bondage Writer, and
honorable mention for Best Bondage
Resource (the Bondage Jukebox).

Many thanks to all the voters!


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