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Bondage Awards 2014
Best Story Site
First place winner


Cabin there, dom that . . . another Bondage
Award winner in 2014.


New Kid on the Block
Chill out with the winner of a Bondage Award
or two in 2012.


Out of Commission
The story of a young woman who says she will do
anything to make a sale, and a man who takes up
her offer in ways she will never forget.

His Favorite Holiday
Treats for the tricky on Halloween.

Ol' Paint
Hot to trot, at least until her hoof binders
are secured.

A Turn of the Page
Technology takes a turn for the worse (which is always
better around here).

Once Bitten
The dazzling, occasionally depraved, and inevitably
breathless BDSM novel that reads like a turbocharged
duet between Carl Hiassen and the Marquis de Sade.

Read the first chapter.

The dueling "he said/she said" serial novel that offers
 unique first-person perspectives on the inner tumult
 and turmoil inherent in all relationships of dominance
and submission.

Read Association as a free Adobe Acrobat document,
or scope the reviews and more pics first.

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