serious bondage stories and novels by adrian hunter

The master of bondage erotica, Adrian Hunter’s smooth and kinky stories explore both the beauty
and the beast of BDSM
through the eyes of its
(occasionally willing)

His award-winning books
are populated with
unforgettable characters
and searing scenes that capture the tension,
the confusion and
the compulsion of men
who are driven to dominate,
and the women
who submit
to their darkest desires.

Timeless and electrifying,
Hunter’s bondage fantasies push the envelope
of propriety,
if not sanity,
with dazzling visions of
a distant world
right next door,
where relentless
sexual torment
is the prize,
not the punishment.

what’s new

Once Bitten
Blown to bits in a
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Ace of Slaves
The blistering
bondage thriller

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Two Moons II:
The Freeman’s Captive
The next chapter in the BDSM romance
by Chelsea Shepard

that’s out of this world

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